The Playroom
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    Welcome to the Playroom!    

*baby mouse giggles and laughs* I'm Prince and this is my playroom! Can you stay awhile and play with me and my new puppy, Congo? He's a really good puppy and he loves to play with kids.

*smiles* As you can see, Prince is finally awake and enjoying himself by playing with some of his new toys that I got for him. His mouse parents just got him a new puppy so he's very excited about that as well. Please let me know if you would like to arrange some playtime between your adopted mouse and mine by sending me some e-mail.

*whispering* There are some hidden links to other places in the the windows........ so please be careful where you click with your computer mouse! Please remember to sign the mouse guestbook before you leave!


Prince is MY mouse...I adopted him! He is not available for downloading! If you are caught mousenapping, you will be reported to Vikimouse and placed on the Most Wanted List! If you want your own mouse (or mice) to care for, go to the Mousepad and adopt some orphan mice for yourself there!!!!!

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This web page was first installed as of 29 May 1997!
Created by Cinnaminn for Squire Wolfbane.