Welcome to Prince's Bedroom!
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Welcome to Prince's bedroom!

*whispering* Shh! You need to be very quiet because he's sleeping right now! *smile* We have had a hard time getting settled into our new home and he's very tired right now. He should be awake soon so you might want to check back later. His grandma watches over him when his new mouse parents or I'm not around. While my mouse pages for my other rooms and my house are still under construction, you might want to visit some friends who have their own adopted mice. *smile* You can always go visit some of Prince's new mouse friends: Alex, Damien, Felicity, Hannah, or Savannah. They live with my friends, Fantassia and SpellBinder, in their very own mouse homes!

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Prince is MY mouse...I adopted him! He is not available for downloading! If you are caught mousenapping, you will be reported to Vikimouse and placed on the Most Wanted List! If you want your own mouse/mice to care for, go to the Mousepad and adopt some orphan mice for yourself there!!!!!


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This web page was first installed as of 22 May 1997!