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Welcome to Squire Wolfbane's
Treehouse and Home Pages!

Michael's treehouse

Welcome to Squire Wolfbane's treehouse and web pages! *grin* My RL name is Michael and my chat handle at Fantassia's Palace is "Squire Wolfbane". I'm just getting started with having my own set of web pages here. Please be patient with me while my web pages are under construction and watch your step! I'll be adding more pages with links and information just as soon as I can with help from my mom, Cinnaminn.

Web Pages Under Construction Here!

CalvinMy List of People, Places, and Stuff!Calvin

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Cool smiling face About Squire Wolfbane!--to learn a bit more about me, go here!
Cool smiling face My WWW friends--my list of WWW Friends!
Cool smiling face Fun Places to Go!--my list of favorites!
Cool smiling face Meet Prince!--my VT adopted mouse!
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CalvinHey! C'mon Over Here For A Minute or Two!Calvin

I now have THREE guestbooks! *grin* So please spare a few minutes and sign one of my guestbooks (or all 3!!! *big grin*) so that I'll know you stopped in for a visit! It doesn't take long to do! I'd love to know what you have to say about my web pages! You can even read my guest books if you want!

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CalvinThanks For The Visit!Calvin

THANKS for visiting me! I sure do hope that you enjoyed your visit here and will come back real soon! PLEASE don't forget to SIGN one of my guestbooks before you leave! (How else am I supposed to know that you stopped in and looked around? *grin*)

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You can send me a message thru my hotmail address or thru Fantassia's Palace.

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CalvinMy Page Counter!Calvin

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CalvinSome Graphics and Background Credits!Calvin

Phyllis's Backgrounds & Alphabets The Mouse Pad

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Calvin Hey! Look What I Just Got!!! *big grin*Calvin

*excited grin* Look at the award that I won on May 22, 1997!!!

It's my very first award for my web pages! Thanks, Fantassia! *smiles*

Fantassia's award

Look at the award I just won on November 29th, 1999!

Thanks Wren Wolfbane!

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